Harris Breyfogle Unveils His Emotive New Single “Still Feel Like I’m Losin’ You” [Premiere]

If you heard Harris Breyfogle’s music and had no idea about him or his roots, you may estimate he’s from the American countryside which would be a very accurate assessment. Not short on talent, Breyfogle is a well-accomplished singer-songwriter-guitarist ready to release his new album Complexus, due out in the springtime (check out more of Breyfogle’s music on Spotify). If the album’s first single “Still Feel Like I’m Losin’ You” is any indication, then Breyfogle is sure to drastically expand his horizons with this new release which acts as a perfect introduction to his mellow, soulful style of music. Whaling away on his Fender guitar, Breyfogle expresses his deepest feelings and emotions, through his voice, soothing guitar and his pressing fear of the potential loss he may be experiencing.

Regarding the new single, Breyfogle details the songwriting process that helped the track come to fruition. “Still Feel Like I’m Losin You,’ a personal favourite of the upcoming Complexus album, is a rich track. It began with the development of an emotive instrumental, where only months and months of writing could sufficiently put words to its mood. After some tumultuous yet successful writing, the track yielded itself as a ‘title track’ and began the rest of the Complexus idea. Months later the album was born.”

As a record, Complexus is an emotional timeline of the artist’s relationship with his ex, taking you along through the journey to find closure through both tragedy and comfort. It’s been what Breyfogle has been working towards ever since he settled on the guitar as his instrument of choice as a young man. He was initially inspired by his father strumming away on a Fender guitar which got him started on his musical journey towards discovering all of the guitar legends, most notably Eric Clapton.

Not only a self-accomplished musician, Breyfogle also received a background in musical higher education by attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston. As a songwriter, Breyfogle enjoys tapping into unusual concepts and cinematic stylings to create a unique and atmospheric sound. His intention is to engross fans into their own personal and intimate experiences through the thoughts and emotions they may feel through listening to his music. It’s just as much about stories, memories, and adventures as it is about guitars, drums, and vocals. With a new album on the way, Harris Breyfogle is ready and willing to elicit your deepest feelings and memories.

Artwork for ‘Complexus’ by Harris Breyfogle
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Samantha Sidley Debuts Noir Video for Inara George-written Song “I Can’t Listen”

Los Angeles jazz vocalist Samantha Sidley has just unveiled a noir Nigel DeFriez-directed video for the Inara George-written Song “I Can’t Listen.” Speaking of the video, the theme of which tackles struggles with depression, Sidley said, “It feels like a movie, an old French film, this woman riding in a car, gonna get the fuck out of town, she can’t look at herself anymore…”

As previously reported, Sidley is fresh off the September 13th release of Interior Person, via Inara George’s Release Me Records. She also recently shared the new single “Drive Like I Never Been Hurt.” The song, a cover of the Ry Cooder classic, holds a special meaning for Sidley who noted:

“I heard ‘Drive Like I Never Been Hurt’ for the first time on a long drive out of town. One of my favorite places to listen to music is on a long drive. It got stuck in my head and I wanted to listen to it all the time. I felt I needed to sing it. It was something I needed to talk about. This song to me is about saying ‘fuck you’ to all and any oppressive obstacles life throws at you. You don’t forget pain, but you learn to accept and move through it. Sometimes that feels like you are driving down the road in a convertible, tears streaming down your face, you don’t even know where you are headed but that doesn’t matter. You trust the destination. Even when you can’t see it.”

Interior Person is Sidley’s debut outing and includes the popular single “I Like Girls” which highlights some of the artist’s favourite musicians including Inara George, Alex Lilly, and her wife, Barbara Gruska. She noted of this song, “Inara and Alex and Barbara wrote songs that are all very personal to my story – they literally are my story – and from my lesbian perspective, which I appreciate so much. In addition to co-writing many of the songs here, and playing drums (masterfully) on many of the tracks, Gruska also produced Interior Person in a studio constructed in Sidley’s childhood bedroom.”

YouTube video

Interior Person Track Listing:

01. I Like Girls
02. Only You Can Break My Heart
03. Naked To Love
04. Butterfly In My Ass
05. I Can’t Listen
06. Listen!!
07. Rose Without Thorns
08. Busy Doin’ Nothin’
09. Easy To Be True
10. Interior Person

Upcoming NYC Residency Dates:

01/20/2020 – Los Angeles, CA @ Zebulon (w/ Alex Lilly, RSVP)
02/06/2020 – New York, NY @ The Green Room 42
02/07/2020 – New York, NY @ The Green Room 42
02/08/2020 – New York, NY @ The Green Room 42

YouTube video

Artwork of ‘Interior Person’ by Samantha Sidley

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Alice Boman Teases Upcoming Album ‘Dream On’ with Live “Don’t Forget About Me” Video

Malmö, Sweden-based singer-songwriter Alice Boman has released a live session video for her newest single “Don’t Forget About Me.” The track is lifted from the artist’s upcoming debut full-length recording, Dream On, which drops on January 17th, 2020, via [PIAS].

The video was captured in the studio of producer Patrik Berger (Robyn, Charli XCX, Carly Rae Jepsen) and features Berger on bass, John from Peter Bjorn & John on drums, and Julia Ringdahl on guitar and vocals. Speaking of the clip, Boman noted, “We wanted it to be simple and quick, to capture that live feeling. And to film it on Super 8 film, which to me makes it feel even more alive.”

Commenting on the forthcoming release and themes therein included, Boman said, “I guess it’s about love and heartbreak and things I’ve been through. A lot of the songs spring from a feeling of sadness, something being lost or broken or just not turning out the way you wanted it to. It’s nice to share these things with people and I hope maybe someone can find some comfort in it—we’re all going through similar things. There are no happy songs here, it’s a sad record, but I think it’s hopeful too.”

Lucky local fans are already rushing to get tickets for then the recently-announced European 2020 winter shows. More dates to come!

YouTube video

Upcoming Tour Dates:

1/17/20 – Groningen, NL – Eurosonic
2/14/20 – Malmö, SE – Babel
2/15/20 – Copenhagen, DK – Hotel Cecil
2/18/20 – Berlin, DE – Kantine am Berghain
2/19/20 – Amsterdam, NL – Paradiso
2/20/20 – Paris, FR – Le Pop-Up du Label
2/21/20 – Brussels, BE – Witloof Bar
2/23/20 – Brighton, UK – The Latest Music Bar
2/24/20 – Manchester, UK – Gullivers
2/25/20 – London, UK – Union Chapel
4/03/20 – Göteborg, SE – Pustervik
4/05/20 – Stockholm, SE – Dramaten

Artwork for ‘Dream On’ by Alice Boman
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H.E.R. Unveils Live Performance Video of the “Slide” Single Featuring YG

California-based contemporary R&B musician Gabriella Wilson, known professionally as H.E.R. (short for Having Everything Revealed), recently unveiled a live performance video of her popular single “Slide” featuring rapper YG. The chill new clip was created in partnership with Vevo and can be seen below, along with the original music video.

H.E.R. dropped her seven-song Vol. 1 EP, an album loaded with vulnerable and assured post-breakup tracks, via RCA in September 2016. With a lot of artist love including social promotion, the album attained largescale awareness and led to June 2017’s Vol. 2, which debuted at number 22. A third EP, I Used to Know Her: The Prelude, dropped in August 2018.

“Slide” is now streaming on all platforms.

YouTube video

YouTube video

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Dardust Drops “Sublime” Music Video Ahead of New Album ‘S.A.D. Storm And Drugs’

Dardust, the artist who’s set to release his new album S.A.D. Storm And Drugs on January 17th, 2020, via Sony Music Masterworks & Artist First, has unveiled a music video for his new single “Sublime.” The song is the second to be released from the new recording and follows lead single “Prisma.”

The Attilio Cusani-directed video for “Sublime” was, according to a recent press release, “inspired by the sense of fear and ecstasy of the ‘Sublime,’ associated with one of the key concepts of the ‘Chemical Generation’ of the 1990s, when Irvine Welsh – with Trainspotting – wrote his manifesto.”

Dardust has some February 2020 performances planned which will see his “Storm and Drugs Live” experience in Italy and elsewhere. The release of S.A.D. Storm And Drugs—the first-ever Italian instrumental music project to combine a minimalist piano world with contemporary North European electronic imagery—marks the third and final instalment in a trilogy of release that touches on the Berlin-Reykjavík-London axis, both geographically and musically.

YouTube video

Artwork for “Sublime” by Dardust

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Cabane Shares a Video for Their Single “Sangokaku” Featuring Bonnie “Prince” Billy

With the news of a debut album titled Grande est La Maison due on February 28th, 2020, via Cabane Records, Cabane, led by Belgian composer and photographer Thomas Jean Henri, has shared a video for the single “Sangokaku.” For this first full-length the group is rounded out by musicians Will Oldham (Bonnie “Prince” Billy) and Kate Stables (This Is The Kit), performing select songs arranged by Sean O’Hagan (The High Llamas).

The ten-track Grande est La Maison, which includes an updated version of the “Sangokaku” single originally released in 2015, follows previous singles “Sangokaku” and “La Gomera,” and 2017’s “Wooden Home / Here in the Wind.”

Commenting on the music, Henri said, “During the work process a vibrant image of Will and Kate treading through the river waters, passing each other like ships in the night, never left me. Each one setting out from the opposing river bank, slightly uncomfortable and their meeting in the middle. The choir is on the river side, keeping their distance. Time and the slowness of oblivion are at the heart of the Cabane project. An essential question is asked: ‘What do we do with what we have in our hands?’”

Grande est La Maison Track Listing:

01. Tu ne Joueras Plus à L’amour (feat. Bonnie “Prince” Billy)
02. Now, Winter Comes (feat. Kate Stables)
03. Easily, We’ll See (feat. Kate Stables)
04. Îlot (Part II)
05. By The Sea (feat. Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Kate Stables)
06. Take Me Home (Part I) (feat. Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Kate Stables)
07. Sangokaku (feat. Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Kate Stables)
08. Îlot (Part III)
09. Cabane – Take Me Home (Part II) (feat. Bonnie “Prince” Billy)
10. Until The Summer Comes (feat. Kate Stables)

YouTube video

Artwork for ‘Grande est la Maison’ by Cabane

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Siobhan Sloane-Seale Conjures Soul-Folk Magic on New Single “Mirrorball”

Earlier this fall, Vancouver singer/songwriter Siobhan Sloane-Seale released her debut album One Of My Friends, an intoxicating collection of soul-folk gems, rooted in her easy-flowing voice and poetry.

She’s now released the second single from the album, “Mirrorball,” a haunting meditation on everyday life, highlighted by Caroline Allatt’s melodic lead guitar. One Of My Friends may be Siobhan’s introduction to the wider folk-rock world, but it is the result of over a decade of experience within the Vancouver arts scene, and as a social justice activist. After moving from Winnipeg in 1998 to study dance at Simon Fraser University, Siobhan has been a part of many projects as a musician, dancer, and actor, while slowly amassing an impressive collection of original material.

“I don’t have a problem describing what I do as interdisciplinary and eclectic,” she says. “I love collaborating with all kinds of artists, especially when it creates a platform for social change.”
That approach on One Of My Friends resulted in an album with a live and intimate vibe that shines through not only on “Mirrorball” but on other key tracks such as “The Rain Can’t Help It,” the bluesy “Too Far To Go.” Siobhan Sloane-Seale is that rare kind of artist whose positivity is truly irresistible, and more impactful with each listen.

YouTube video

Artwork for ‘One Of My Friends’ by Siobhan Sloane-Seale

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Katie Pruitt Unwraps a Soulful and Blues-Infused Holiday Classic, “Merry Christmas, Mary Jane”

As the world’s wacky winter weather continues, Atlanta-born and now Nashville-based singer-songwriter Katie Pruitt has delivered a soulful and blues-infused original Holiday single titled “Merry Christmas, Mary Jane.” The song is exceptional (check out the video below), and it’s about damn time we got a “new classic” to include in our Holiday music rotation.

Commenting on the track, Pruitt notes, “I wrote ‘Merry Christmas, Mary Jane’ on Christmas Eve at my parents’ house when I was home from college. I was feeling pretty lonely, a lot of my friends had moved away and I was fighting with my parents. I really just wanted to smoke some weed. I couldn’t find any, so I just wrote a song about it instead.”

In other joyous news, Pruitt also recently confirmed a February 21st release of her upcoming debut album, Expectations, via Rounder Records. The ten-track Nashville-recorded album was co-produced by Pruitt and her close friend, Mike Robinson. The lead single and title track was released earlier this year and followed up “Loving Her” and “Out Of The Blue.” Promoting Expectations, Pruitt is set to trek around the U.S. in early 2020.

YouTube video

Upcoming Tour Dates:

December 11 — Aspen, CO—Belly Up Aspen†
December 13 — Boulder, CO—Boulder Theatre†
December 14 — Boulder, CO—Boulder Theatre†
December 15 — Breckenridge, CO—Riverwalk Center†
January 1 — Nashville, TN—City Winery
February 21 — Nashville, TN—The Basement
March 20 — Dallas, TX—Ruins
March 21 — Houston, TX—White Oak Upstairs
March 24 — Phoenix, AZ—Valley Bar
March 26 — Los Angeles, CA—The Hotel Café
March 28 — Santa Ana, CA—Constellation Room
March 29 — San Francisco, CA—Café Du Nord
March 31 — Portland, OR—Bunk Bar
April 1 — Seattle, WA—Sunset Tavern
April 3 — Salt Lake City, UT—Kilby Court
April 5 — Denver, CO—Globe Hall
April 7 — Minneapolis, MN—Turf Club
April 8 — Kansas City, MO—Riot Room
April 9 — St. Louis, MO—Blueberry Hill
April 10 — Evanston, IL—SPACE
April 11 — Indianapolis, IN—Hi-Fi
April 13 — Toronto, ON—Drake Hotel
April 15 — New York, NY—Mercury Lounge
April 16 — Uncasville, CT—Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun
April 17 — Boston, MA—Café 939
April 18 — Philadelphia, PA—MilkBoy
April 20 — Washington, DC—DC9
April 21 — Carrboro, NC—Cat’s Cradle Back Room
April 22 — Atlanta, GA—Eddie’s Attic
April 24 — Louisville, KY—Zanzabar

*with Langhorne Slim and The Lost at Last Band
†The Wood Brothers

Artwork for ‘Expectations’ by Katie Pruitt
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Tedy’s New Single and Music Video Will Get “Stuck” in Your Head

Mixing R&B and soul with consummate ease, Montreal-based musician Tedy is fresh of both the release of his “Stuck” single and Tristan C-M-directed music video and signing to Sony Music Entertainment Canada. “Stuck” was co-produced by Mike Wise (Bulow, Ellie Goulding, Chainsmokers, Upshal) and Herag Sanbalian, and thematically, deals with topics such as depression, sadness, and self-destruction. The silver lining? Accept both the good and good of one’s self so as to trudge forward.

Tedy commented on the song, saying, “Hopefully this time I’ll learn and it will be the last but I’ve heard these words before.” Elaborating further on his music in general, he adds, “The songs are pulled from my life. For me, writing songs is therapeutic.”

Tedy is originally from Haiti and hit a few differing cities before settling in Montreal, Canada. His love for music led to a very successful YouTube channel which naturally sparked label interest resulting in his recent Sony signing.

YouTube video

Artwork for “Stuck” by Tedy

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Get “Ready” to Hear Lindsay Foote’s Warming New Single

Winchester, MA-based singer-songwriter Lindsay Foote has unveiled “Ready,” the second single from her forthcoming new album Rollercoaster. The Toronto, Canada-recorded EP is slated for a January 31st release and follows Foote’s 2017 EP, Going Gone.

Speaking of the new track, which followed the lead single “New York City,” Foote said, “I wrote ‘Ready’ in a moment of heartbreak. I had fallen for someone and was disappointed when it didn’t work out how I’d envisioned. I initially felt foolish for letting myself get excited. I could have saved myself from all that disappointment! But, in the end, I was glad I had put myself out there, even if it didn’t turn out how I hoped.”

As for the EP as a whole, she elaborated, “The Rollercoaster EP is about the transitive time that I’ve experienced in my life throughout my twenties. There have been so many ups and downs. Everything feels up in the air – relationships, jobs, where to live, and just how I want to live my life in general! All that possibility is exciting but it’s also scary. Part of me yearns to feel settled. This EP is about the hope, doubt, fear, and disappointment that we experience in these times of searching, these times of figuring things out.”

Artwork for “Ready” by Lindsay Foote
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